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Ways to Secure a Wig

What Are the Different Ways to Secure a Wig?

Finding a wig you love, and that fits well is only part of your wig journey. Now, you need to find the best way to secure it so you can go out in the world feeling comfortable and confident.

Whether you're a novice wig wearer or you've been wearing them for years, it's essential to know how you can secure a wig to your head. 

Wig Caps

Wigs can often feel scratchy and irritate sensitive skin. This can be an issue for anyone, especially those with total hair loss. That's where wig caps come in. Usually made of nylon, they are stretched over the head from the front hairline to the nape of the neck. The wig is then placed on top and adjusted to your specification. 

Wig caps are perfect for people with sensitive scalps as they provide an extra layer of comfort between the wig and your head. So, not only can they make you physically more comfortable, but also emotionally because you'll know your wig will stay put.

Wig Grip Bands

Wig grip bands are similar to wig caps, though they only include the band portion, not the overall elastic cap. One side of the wig grip band is soft on your skin and hairline, while the other side of the adjustable band ensures that the wig does not slip on your head. Some people prefer a wig grip because they say it is cooler than a full wig cap. 

Wig Tape

Wig tape is a double-sided adhesive tape safe to use on skin and is made specifically for wigs and toppers. This option is excellent for people trying to secure wigs without any hair of their own underneath. To use wig tape, attach one side of the tape to the underside of your wig and adhere the other side to your scalp. It's a fast, easy solution to keeping your hairpiece in place. 

Wig Glue

Wig glue is a type of adhesive used for synthetic or human hair attachments. When you wear a lace frontal wig or closures, you want to get a natural look. Wiig glue can help you do that as it appears transparently and does not expose the edges of the wig. Also, it can keep the hair stay in the right place for a long time.

Metal Wig Clips

Metal wig clips are designed as an extra level of security for your well-fitted wig or topper. Clips are often installed on toppers and easily snap to your bio hair. For wigs, you can sew in metal clips for extra security. This method only works if you have natural hair to clip to and are not using a wig cap. 

Bobby Pins

A go-to for hairstylists everywhere, bobby pins are a great additional security tool when you want your wig to really stay in place. As with metal wig clips, bobby pins are pinned underneath the wig hair after placing it on your head. However, these have the added bonus of being very small and almost undetectable. Still, they may not last as long or be as durable as traditional metal wig clips.  

Keeping your wig on may not be a small feat, depending on the fit of your wig, the amount of natural hair on your head, and the tools you have on hand. Additionally, the levels you go to secure your wig may be dictated by the weather. For instance, more security may be needed on a windy day and how active you plan to be that day.