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How to Choose Solutions for Hair Loss

If you suffer from hair loss, you have options.

Losing your hair can be devastating or, at the very minimum, inconvenient.

Whether it is genetic or medical, it doesn't matter. Everyone can benefit from these solutions for hair loss.

While medical intervention is a viable option for some people. It can be out of reach financially or not medically possible for others.

Luckily, there are other hair loss solutions, including wigs, hair toppers, bang attachments, or halo wigs.


Wigs are perfect for anyone, including those with temporary, partial, or total hair loss. A wig covers the entire head so it can conceal any loss on any part of the head.

Wigs can be purchased in many different fibers, styles, cuts, and colors. Choose a style similar to your natural hair or change it up with a completely different style, cut, and color.  

There are human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, and blends. Any of these can suit you, as each has unique benefits. Just be sure to choose a wig that fits your taste and lifestyle. 

Hair Toppers

You may only be losing hair on the top of your head or on the crown. If this is the case, you may just need a topper hairpiece to cover it up. 

Hair toppers go on the top of your scalp and can make your hair appear fuller by blending in with your existing hair. 

If you choose to go the hair topper route, make sure you choose one that closely matches your existing hair color so it looks as natural as possible.

Bang Attachments

Bang attachments or clip-in bangs may be a good option if the hair along the front of your hairline is thinning or balding. Bang attachments can be attached to your existing hair on your head and cover the front of your hairline to create a natural bang look. 

Clip-in bangs may be all you need to create the perfect hairstyle while masking any hair loss you have.

Halo Wigs

Halo wigs are a specialty wig hairpiece that leaves the top or center of the wig bare while the rest of the wig contains hair fibers. This creates a "halo" look, which is where the name comes from. 

These wigs are made to wear with hats or other head coverings. And, since they leave the center of the wig open, they allow your head and scalp to stay cooler. Other types of halo hairpieces can be attached or clipped into hats and headscarves.


How to Choose Solutions for Hair Loss