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How to Figure Out Your Wig Size

A well sized wig is a comfortable wig, so here are some tips to help you get it right!

Wearing a wig and wig cap that fit you properly will not only enhance your own personal comfort, but will also contribute to a better look overall. Going in blind when you purchase a wig may work out some of the time, but it’s always best to properly measure your head so that you can get a wig that fits you just right! If you’re new to figuring out your wig size, here are some tips to help you determine your best fit. 

Standard Wig Sizes

Before you get to measuring, let’s review the standard wig sizes that you’ll generally find at wig shops. The first is the average size range. About 90% of wig wearers will fit in this size group, which ranges from 21.25 to 22.5 inches in diameter. Because this wig size is so popular, you are likely to find many different types of wigs that are average sized.

The next wig size grouping is petite wigs. These wigs measure from 20 to 21.25 inches in diameter. As the size name would suggest, these wigs are best for those with smaller heads or an overall petite frame.

The last of the general wig sizes is large. Large wigs range from 22.5 to 24 inches in diameter. Wigs in petite and large sizes are slightly less common, so these wigs tend to have fewer styles and types available at standard wig shops. 

How to Measure Yourself for a Wig

Measuring your head to fit a wig is just like taking any other body measurements, like inseam, waist, or hips. Start by using a soft measuring tape. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a string and then measure the string with a ruler or traditional measuring tape after. Using your measuring tape or string, measure from the front of your hairline, around your ears, to the bend of your neck, and back to the front of your hairline. Try to make the measuring tape as flat as possible, especially if you are measuring on top of your existing natural hair. 

Benefits of a Well-Sized Wig

The benefits of wearing a wig that actually fits are numerous. For one, a wig that is the proper size will look much more becoming on your head, regardless of your head shape or size. Additionally, a wig that fits correctly will not be as likely to slip or fall off, or to slide out of the proper position. Wearing a well-fitting wig also means that your wig will not be as itchy on your scalp.

Wearing a wig can help those who have lost hair from cancer treatments or other medical reasons regain confidence, and they can also help people change up their looks when they feel like it. Wearing the right sized wig makes all the difference in the overall look and feel of your wig, regardless of your reasons for doing so. These sizing tips will help make sure your wig wearing is fun and successful!


How to Figure Out Your Wig Size