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Making Sense of Wig Color Numbers

If you're not used to them, wig color codes can seem like a different language! So here are some tips for decoding them.

All wigs we sell on Cloud 9 Wigs have specific color numbers to denote their exact shade and hue. These color codes note what color family the wig is in. They also tell you how close the color of that wig is to the other color family groupings. 

The wig codes can also tell you if there are highlights in that wig or if there has been another type of color treatment. 

This can all sound a bit confusing, but you will get the hang of it in time. 

Wig Base Color Codes

The first thing to look at when you decipher a wig color code is the initial number that starts the color code. This will tell you what color family that wig is in. Here is a quick breakdown of that scale:

  • Black: 1 – 2
  • Brown: 4 – 12
  • Blonde: 14 – 26
  • Red: 27 – 33, 130 – 134
  • Grey: 34 – 60
  • Platinum: 101 – 104, 613

This scale is the industry standard for categorizing wig colors determined by wig manufacturers. When reading the code, it's essential to know your wig's color family, but there's another layer to this. The closer the color number is to the next color family range, the more similar to that color family it is. So, for instance, a brown wig that is number 4 will be deeper and closer to a black tone than a brown wig that is number 12, which will be lighter and sandier like a blonde tone.

Wig Color Treatment Abbreviations

Most wigs are not just one all-over color. So, while it's important to understand the base color codes. You will also need to look for some lettered codes that will tell you what type of color treatment you're getting from your wig. 

Here is a quick rundown of the color letter abbreviations you might see when wig shopping, as well as what they mean:

  • B: Blended
  • BT: Blended and Tipped
  • BR: Blended and rooted
  • CH: Chunked (Chunked Highlights)
  • ET: Lighter Bangs, Dark Roots, Darker in Back
  • F: Frosted (uniform streaks-side by side colors)
  • F*: Jon Renau only - fashion color collection generally with a darker nape
  • FS: Frosted Syrup colors
  • FS*: Jon Renau only - Fashion Syrup Collection with a fashion-forward flare
  • GR: Gradient ( Darker Roots with Lighter Tips)
  • H: Highlighted (streaks)
  • HH: Human Hair
  • HL: Highlighted
  • LF: Lighter Front
  • M: mixed or blended (uniform mix, no streaks)
  • MBF: Fashion color that is Mixed and Blended with a darker Nape
  • MB: Mix and Blend
  • P: Piano means long bands of color like piano keys
  • R: Rooted
  • RE*: Jon Renau Exclusives
  • RH: Rooted and Highlights
  • RH*: Jon Renau exclusive, colors are blended with 33% highlights
  • RN*: Jon Renau Naturals - exclusive human hair color process
  • S: Shaded
  • S*: Jon Renau only - Shaded/Gradient color starting at the base
  • T: Tipped (mixed on top and tipped at the bottom)
  • Swirl: Blend of streaks
  • Ash: Dull

Putting it All Together

When you combine the color codes with the lettered abbreviations, you will be able to determine what type of wig you will be receiving in terms of color. 

For example, a wig noted as 5H17 would be a brown wig, highlighted with a mid-tone blonde shade. With these wig color-coding basics, you should be able to decode most wig color codes you encounter and find the perfect color wig for you!



Making Sense of Wig Color Numbers